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Fall 2017 Edit

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Spring 09Edit

cxkham, kript2, Amber, Ethan, Bragosinger, kaizoku9999, Caeruleus.regi, niecy, Barry, Brock, Phoukoune, JustPlaying09, Chris, Trah

Fall 08Edit

PhonJazzTamy, Constellations: CaeVan, Donajack, Our Solar System:TifSethBren, The Eye, observation phenomenon:RpeezyDledet

Fall 07Edit

Jrobicheaux, zackypoo, JIPul008, ttran, lanisr08, and seng, laylamarie15, esser08, ambera08, kayladoris, altmantl,trimblean,coplincm, sadavy, Apierre

Research ProjectEdit

Project "Life Form", Ongoing project, done in Discreet stagesEdit

Goal: Research something in our Solar System and create an informative article. You must do thorough research and use (and cite) at least 5 sources (2+ involving paper).

Special Notes

  1. Please pick a project by adding your username (4 tilda's) to one of the indented projects on the following list. In other words, edit THIS page. After saving this page, click on the project title to begin editing your new project. While editing your chosen topic, you should identify yourself (4 tildas) IN the project as well, so we will know whose work we're looking at when we go to it.
  2. Read the Instructions and "The R Word" and use the Sample Project as a pattern for the sort of info you might want to include, and for full instructions for the project.
  3. Ask to see the binder of previous students' projects.
  4. Read other students' (old and new) projects here.
  5. Your goal should be to have the newest work at the top. You will certainly need to do a lot of work rewriting the research into a thorough article.
  6. Please be sure you have added your username on the "List of Astronomy Wikia Participants". Once you have done that, we in the class will know who you are and be able to identify your username with your real name (even though your real name is not included anywhere on this Wiki).


Offshoot Projects Initiated by StudentsEdit

Gas Giants Joang94 21:35, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

Final ProjectEdit


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