A. Key Terms

  1. Speed (velocity)-
  2. Frequency-
  3. Period-
  4. wavelength-
  5. crest-
  6. trough-
  7. equilibrium-
  8. amplitude-
  9. transverse
  10. compression or longitudinal waves-
  11. propagate-
  12. reflect-
  13. refract-
  14. diffract-
  15. interference-

B. Electromagnetic Spectrum - Collection of all the frequencies of light.

  1. Radio
  2. Microwave
  3. Infrared
  4. Optical (Roy G. Biv)
  5. Ultraviolet
  6. X-rays
  7. Gamma Rays

C. Frequency and Period Calculations

T = \frac{1}{f}
f = \frac{1}{T}

D. Velocities (v)

The speed of light in a vacuum - c = 3.0 \times 10^8 \frac{m}{s}
The speed of sound in dry air - v = 345 \frac{m}{s}

E. Wavelength and Frequency Calculations (define color)

F. Reflection

Ray diagrams

G. Light properties related to spreading

  1. Inverse-Squared Law
  2. Diffraction
  3. Interference
  4. Polarization
  5. Spectra

H. Refraction (Willebrord Snell's Law) & Ray Tracing

I. Measuring distance in space

Adventures - trying to figure out the size of the solar system

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