Late June Early July 1995, dubbed the Middle of the Atlatic Star Party on account of it rained all week. Record rain, flooding between the camp and the Town of Carthage 10 miles East. Even during flooding rains there are times when the rain stops and "sucker holes" become the viewing opportunitities of the evening. All subsequent MASPs have been in the fall, a time of clearer skies and longer nights.

A sucker hole is a gap between clouds. Interestingly enough is the fact that often the sky thru a sucker hole is amazingly clear however as clouds move so does the hole and the visible sky beyond shifts also. In one of these sucker holes we saw the shuttle converge on the mir space station. There were 10 speakers with Tom Lorenzin doing the job of MC. In addition to an excellent performance as MC, Tom did a talk on "seeing" at the eyepiece.


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