• Stick-B LAAAATE. No frames. Found links to some projects.
  • TiredNHeavy nope
  • [ Path]
  • [ TheUnderWire]
  • [ NOMusicMy]
  • [ AfterToday]
  • T1 nope
  • JimBlood Done. Grade = 95+
  • Pickle LAAAATE.
  • Duh! Knee Shah-san CUTE use of the title tag!!!
  • dirtbrown Done. Grade = 95+
  • [ littleBug] FRAMES!!!!!
  • Feb28/2 Done. Grade = 95+
  • ChewSplash Frames, menu, welcome. Other links do not work.
  • Santa Done. Grade = 95+
  • StuCo Complete but still no CSS evident.
  • T2 All OK except for States link.
  • Pegged Done. Grade = 95+
  • CTone Done, but still no States Link.
  • CToo Menu yes. links work? no.
  • Close Done, but still no States Link.
  • SillyPatella LAAAATE. States link does not work. Still wondering about the banner.
  • AvoidThePanel account set up but has no content
  • CanYaGetThisForMe Odd list in menu and NO home button

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