Probably the first challance a beginner astronomer faces is what to observe. Even with GoTo mounts, one has to know where to point the telescope! This article is a list of 15 objects for three different types of equipment. It's not intended to be an exaustive list of everything that can be observed, but a general guide of beautiful sky objects that are easily observed.


  • NGC 292 - Pequena Nuvem de Magalhães (SMC)
  • GNM - Grande Nuvem de Magalhães (LMC)
  • NGC 6231 (Caldwell). table of Scorpius
  • NGC 3372 e 3532 (Caldwell) - neb. e aglomerado de Carina
  • M31
  • NGC 5139 (Omega Centauri)
  • NGC 104 (47 Tucanae)
  • M8 (neb. Lagoa)/M20
  • NGC 6752
  • M5
  • M21
  • M16/M17
  • M92/M62
  • NGC 5128 (Centaurus a)
  • m81 (Limite Norte)
  • m27 (Dumbell/Raposa)
  • NGC 253 (gal. Escultor)
  • M83
  • M101
  • M104 (Sombrero)
  • M22

Small ScopesEdit

Apperture up to 150mm

  • M42,
  • Caixa de jóias (NGC 4755),
  • Alfa do Cruzeiro do Sul (Acrux),
  • Pleiades do Sul(IC 2602),
  • M4, M6, M7 e M80 em Escorpião,
  • Ômega Centauro (NGC 5139),
  • Alfa do Centauro,
  • 47 Tucanae (NGC 104),
  • Júpiter e suas luas galileanas
  • Saturno

Medium ScopesEdit

Apperture up to 300mm

  • M83
  • M64
  • NGC3372
  • M41

External References Edit

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