Amateur Astronomy and the ArtsEdit

I know that some of you that have been drilling through these wiki pages will get to here and think to yourselves, "What on Alpha Albero 7 is that boy thinking about? He clearly has been breathing far too much starlight. He needs to go home now and get a good breakfast." Well, if something like that comes to your mind, I would softly suggest you go up a level and make a right turn. There is still lots of cool stuff here that you might be interested in.

However, if you can keep the concepts of Amateur, Astronomy, and the Arts, all in you brain at the same time without it locking down, burning up, or freeze out you are truly a rare and important human. I wanted you to have a place to start a community, to gently share with and support each other. So here is the place, make something awesome!--Starseeker 00:06, 7 October 2007 (UTC)

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